Tracking Student Progress

Within the class manager, choose the class you want to view student progress for. On the class's page, select the Tracking tab in the sidebar. This will take you to the student tracker section.

Student Tracking Search Options

Here you can search for student progress data in a very flexible manner. The different search options include:

  • Courses – select which of the courses assigned to the group that you wish to view progress data on.
  • Students – select a specific student you wish to view progress data on.
  • Activity Types – select whether you want to see their progress on a quiz, lesson, module or entire course.
  • Completed – select whether you want to see any student activity or only where they have completed the activity successfully.
  • State/End Date – select what dates you wish to see activity performed by the students.
  • Per Page – select how many results you want to see per page (there can be a LARGE quantity of data loaded depending on the filters you choose).

Once you've selected the search options you require, press the search button and a list of results will be displayed. You can navigate through the results using the arrows that you can see.

Analytics Graphs

Depending on the type of search options you choose, a number of different graphs might appear. A summary of the different graphs that will show include:

  • All student progress in all courses – shows when you search with no filters chosen.
  • All student progress in a single course – shows when you search with a specific course chosen.
  • Single student progress in all/single course – shows when you search with a specific student chosen.
  • All/Single student top and bottom quizzes – shows when you search for a specific course and either lesson or quiz chosen in the activity filter.

There is even greater tracking information that can be gained by selecting the Full Tracker button at the top of this page, but we’ll cover this in its own section.

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