Scheduling Lessons

Within the class manager, choose the class you want to schedule lessons for. On the class’s page, select the Scheduling tab in the sidebar. This will take you to the course scheduler section.

Scheduling the Lessons

Once you’ve reached this page you can select the course that you want to schedule lessons for. Obviously, this does mean you need to first assign the course to the group (if you haven’t already).

Once you’ve selected the course from the drop-down menu, a list of all the lessons for that course will load. These are all grouped by their module, simply select a module title to expand it and show all of its lessons.

You can see that each lesson has an access date and an expiry date. These obviously are the dates when a student can first access a lesson and when they will no longer be able to access the lesson.

Click in an input box for a lesson and a popup will appear that will allow you to set a date and time for access/expiry. Then, simply press the “Save Schedule” button to save the dates you’ve set.

The access and expiry dates will appear on the course page for students to easily see when they will gain/lose access to a lesson. The student dashboard will also show a list of any lessons expiring within the next 15 day

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