Editing & Deleting Users

Within the class manager, choose the group you want to edit users from. This will take you straight to the user management section. If you’ve added some students and teachers, they’ll be listed on this page.

Editing User Information

In the students table, alongside each row, you’ll see an edit button. Click this and you’ll see a popup that will allow you to edit the email, first name, last name and password for each student. If you require the username to be changed you’ll need to contact support@knowitallninja.com.

It’s also possible for you to update the first name, last name and password of students in bulk by uploading a CSV file to the “Upload Multiple” area under “Add Students”. If the CSV file you upload matches an existing user’s username and email address, then it will update the user’s information for you.

Removing/Deleting/Resetting Users

If you select the checkbox alongside a user’s entry in the user details table, a new “Bulk Actions” drop-down will appear. Here you can perform three possible actions:

  • Remove Student – this will remove the student from the group, and if they’re no longer in any groups, will also remove them from your subscription. Please note, this will not delete the user from the website.
  • Delete Student – this will delete the students from the website completely. This is not reversible, so shouldn’t only be performed if you are absolutely certain you won’t need any of their progress data in future.
  • Reset Student – this will remove all student progress from all courses and will also delete all of their achievements and experience points. Useful if you want to see students completing all the material again, such as in the lead-up to an exam.
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