Setting Up Your Classes

If you're new to KnowItAll Ninja's e-learning courses you probably want to simply get your students enrolled and started on their lessons. This tutorial will guide you through the absolute basics of completing this process.

Creating a Class

From the front page of the class manager, you'll see the membership(s) that you have purchased. Here you can simply press the + button under the group membership that you wish to create a class in.

At this point a popup will then display asking for you to enter the name of your class. Simply enter your class name and press the Create Class button.

Once you’ve created your class you’ll be redirected to the class administration page where you can start to add new users. You will automatically be added as a teacher in the class.

Adding Your Students

Having created a class you can now see an empty table. Above this table is an "Add Students" button.

Select the Add Students button and a menu will display giving you four options for adding students.

We can summarise each of these options:
  • Add One – this allows you to add a single student to the group. In the popup you can see an option for “Add New User” and “Add Existing User”. Add New User will create a brand new user account on the website, while Add Existing User will allow you to add a student that is not in the group (or even not on the current subscription).
  • Add Existing – this will show a list of students on your subscription that aren’t in the current group to quickly add them. This makes it easier for you to move a student between groups. It’s worth noting that if you remove a student from all groups, they’ll also be removed from your subscription and so won’t be listed here.
  • Upload Multiple – this allows you to add multiple students to the group by uploading a CSV file. An example CSV file is included in the popup for you to use. This can be used to create brand new user accounts, or to add existing users to a group. It can also be used to alter students names and passwords.
  • Share Link – this provides a URL you can share with students that will allow them to register on the website themselves and will automatically add them to the group for you. Each group has a unique share link, so you’ll want to get the unique link for each group when getting students register themselves.

Adding Additional Teachers

It is possible that you may have additional teachers other than yourself that will need access to the class you have just created.

Beneath your table of newly added students, you'll see another table and an "Add Teacher" button. Select the Add Teacher button and a popup will appear.

You can either enter the teacher's information to create their account or, if they have an existing account, select the "Add Existing User" tab and enter their username and email to add them to the class.

Assigning a Course

Your students will be instantly enrolled on all courses within your membership. However, for administrative purposes you will likely want to assign specific courses the students want to access to the class.

Select the Courses tab on the left-hand side of the screen. This takes you to a new page for editing the courses in the class.

On this page you can see a list of available courses on the left and a list of assigned courses on the right. Simply select the course you want to assign from the left-hand side (ctrl+click to select more than one course) and press the right arrow to assign the course.

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