Viewing & Sorting Student Quiz Attempts

When viewing a class in the class manager, in the Tracking tab you’ll be able to search for student activity. On this page, if you select the Full Tracker button near the top, you’ll be taken to the student tracker.

Selecting the Course

The student tracker will immediately show each student’s most recent quiz attempt for each quiz in the default selected course. You can change the selected course at the top right-hand side of the page, which will allow you to choose from the courses you assigned the class.

Viewing All Quiz Attempts

As mentioned, initially you will only see the most recent quiz attempt each student has made for each quiz. However, you can see more than just the most recent attempt though, in fact, you can see every single attempt each student has made.

Simply press the plus button on the left-hand side of each row to expand the student’s results. You can press the plus button in the table heading to expand all students at once.

By hovering over a student’s individual quiz result it will show you the date and time that the quiz attempt was made.

Sorting Quiz Attempts

By default quiz attempts are sorted by the order they were taken, with the most recent being shown on top.

However, on the top left-hand side of the student tracker you'll notice a toggle button. Select this to change the sorting so it will sort the results by the mark received, with the highest mark being shown on top.

Once you've changed the sorting method this will be remembered in future.

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